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A Crack in the Slab
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 Game Dishonored 2
 Quest Giver
 Location(s) Aramis Stilton's Manor
Batista District
 Reward (lethal)
 Reward (non-lethal)

 Discover Delilah's Secrets
 Find way out of the Void
 Return to the Dust District
 Return to the Skiff

Special Actions

 Under the Table
 Temporal Investigator
 A Mind Made Whole
 Leaky Basement
 Collapsed Balcony
 A Better Today

 Runes Runes 4
 Bonecharms Bonecharms 7
 Outsider Shrines Outsider Shrines 0
 Blueprints Blueprints 1
 Paintings Paintings 2
 Coins Coins 3334
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Dust District Dreadful Wale

A strange ritual was performed three years ago in Aramis Stilton's Manor, involving Delilah Copperspoon and her followers. Once inside, find out what you can about Delilah's secrets. This quest requires that you use a new device, The Outsider’s Timepiece and travel back and forth between two points in time: 1849 and 1852. Your usual powers are unavailable for the duration of the quest. Because of the timeshifting, the past can be manipulated to affect the present and change things quite considerably.


Discover Delilah's Secrets

Find out what happened at Aramis Stilton's Manor three years ago, and learn how Delilah became immortal.

  • Investigate Aramis Stilton's Disappearance
  • Talk to Aramis Stilton
  • Take the Outsider's Timepiece
  • Exit the Room
  • Find Delilah's Allies
  • Find the Combination to the Study Room
  • Enter Aramis Stilton's Study
  • Observe Duke Abele And Allies

Find way out of the Void

Explore to find your way out of the Void

  • Make Your Way Through the Void

Return to the Dust District

Return to the Dust District and find Meagan Foster

  • Leave Aramis Stilton's Manor

Return to the Skiff

When you're ready to return to the Dreadful Wale, Megan Foster and Anton Sokolov are waiting for you on the skiff

  • Join your Allies

Special Actions

Under the Table

Steal the Master Key while hiding under the dining room table

Temporal Investigator

Reach the study without using the door code. This is done by knocking out or killing Aramis Stilton in the past. In the present time, the door will be blocked by two wooden planks in which you can break and open the doors.

A Mind Made Whole

Save Aramis Stilton from going insane. This is accomplished by knocking him out in the past (1849) timeline when he is in the gazebo in the Back Courtyard. This prevents him from witnessing the séance and going insane.

Leaky Basement

Find the Rune in the basement. This is accomplished by finding the crank-wheel in the basement, in the past timeline and throwing it through the opening in the wall into the flooded room. Next, timeshift to the present, when the opening is larger and enter the room (being careful to handle the bloodflies and nest that are there). Time-shift back to the past, take the crank-wheel and push it through the semi-open door into the adjoining room. Time-shift to the present to get through the door. Time-shift back to the past, dive down and get the wheel and affix it to stop the leak.

Collapsed Balcony

Manipulate time to collapse the balcony. In the past, there is a note from Jaime, the caretaker, mentioning that the balcony is unsafe. If you inspect it from below, you will see two support mechanisms holding it up. These are very similar to the elevator cables, with a red, piston-like section which is the weak point. Shoot or otherwise break those red pistons and the balcony is weakened. After time-shifting back to the 1852 timeline, the balcony has collapsed, leaving a relatively easy to climb pile of debris. However, this is not the only way to get on to the balcony.

A Better Today

Visit Aramis Stilton’s office in the altered present

Mission Clues


Aramis Stilton's Manor is a strange place, leaving you drained of spiritual energy and unable to use your supernatural powers.

Duke Luke Abele's Inner Circle

Duke Luca Abele gathered his inner circle there three years ago to help Delilah. Something bad happened to Aramis Stilton that day.

The Outsider's Timepiece

The Timepiece seems to be door between the present, and the past where Duke Luca Abele and his circle are still gathering.

Aramis Stilton's Study

Duke Luca Abele and his inner circle are waiting for Aramis Stilton in the Study.

Aramis Stilton's Note Book

Aramis Stilton always carries a note book with him. The Study door's combination is written there. This notebook is on a small table in the gazebo in the back courtyard.

Aramis Stilton's Location

Aramis Stilton is in the back courtyard.

Study Door Code

The study door's code is 871. This combination is found in Aramis Stilton's notebook in the gazebo. It varies from campaign to campaign.

Mission Items



  • 1 regular bonecharm in the small room adjacent to the séance area (surrounded by coins) in the unaltered present / on the desk in Stilton's new office in the altered present (1852) timeline
  • 1 regular bonecharm on the elevator floor in the present (1852) timeline
  • 1 regular bonecharm in the attic area above the dining room in the present (1852) timeline
  • 1 black bonecharm in the furnace room
  • 1 regular bonecharm on the roof of the building with the windmill in the altered present timeline
  • 1 regular bonecharm a crate in one of the inner rooms of the new United Miners of Karnaca location in the altered present timeline
  • 1 black bonecharm in the area under the new United Miners of Karnaca location in the altered present timeline (on the way to the skiff)



  • 1 rune inside the flooded room off the basement, in the present (1852) timeline, after fixing the valve
  • 1 rune in the photography studio, in a crate by the window, in the past (1849) timeline
  • 1 rune on the second floor above the entrance, near an empty safe, in the present timeline
  • 1 rune in the scaffolding outside the Stilton Manor in the altered present timeline