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Black market shop sign

There are a number of Black Market Shops in Dishonored 2. These establishments can be found by following the arrows on the stencilled signs on city walls. They sell a variety of useful items including Health and Mana elixirs, ammunition and upgrades for gear and weapons. They also occasionally sell other items of interest, like safe combinations, runes and maps.

They can also be broken into. So it is not really worth buying anything that can be obtained by breaking in. This leaves upgrades as the only thing really worth buying.


Dockyard Quarter / Edge of the World[]

  • Location: East end of the Dockyard Quarter (U5J on the map)
  • Breaking in: Locate the key to the back door in the bloodfly-infested building (E5N). Go upstairs and find the hole in the wall which leads to a room with a piano. Then climb over the bookcase to the left of the piano (when facing the piano keys), into the rooms behind (beware of the Nest Keeper there!) There is a glass case in which the key is located.
  • Extras to be looted: There is a a Silver Ingot sitting on the scales, some Copper Wire and Processed Whale Oil. There is also a second key to the shop.

Aventa District / The Clockwork Mansion[]

  • Location: Lower Aventa District, on the east side of the small square, northeast of Aventa Station (N7S, basement, on the map)
  • Breaking in: To break in, you must first locate the two women trying to blow a hole in the basement wall of the building next door. After subduing (or eliminating) them, you can use the two whale oil tanks that are there to blow a hole in the wall by setting them off with a grenade or shooting them. This might kill the shopkeeper inside though. A slightly less devastating solution is to remove one of the tanks and use 2 grenades and the remaining tank for a slightly less concussive explosion.
  • Extras to be looted: There is a safe inside containing silver ingots and 11 Coin, in addition to the goods normally for sale.

Cyria Gardens / The Royal Conservatory[]

  • Location: North of where the skiff docks (U5J) in Cyria Gardens
  • Bonus: If you return the Roseburrow Prototype to the Black Market shopkeeper in Cyria Gardens, you get better prices on all the objects he sells, a 25% discount (not upgrades though).
  • Breaking in: When visiting the shop the first time, if you don't want to spend any money, look through the window on the right as you enter, in the entrance hallway before the main store area. On the right side, towards the back, you will see a hatch on the floor, and above it, a chain with a red cylinder about halfway up. Shoot this cylinder to open the hatch. Then proceed into the main shop area and look behind the bales on the left, where you will find a crank wheel leaning. Take the wheel and proceed back to the docks, then go past the docked boat with the hostile, wrench carrying thugs towards the iron gate at the end of the canal. On the right you will see an smallish post (using Dark Vision you can see that it is an interactive object). Use the crank-wheel on the post, holding [F]  continuously until the indicator fills up. This opens the gate.
Swim through to the chain you see hanging, and climb it to reach the shop. At that point, you can subdue (or eliminate) the shopkeep and loot the place.

Dust District[]

  • Location: On the southeast side of Valia Street, though the green doors.
  • Breaking in: To break in, you must go around to the alley behind the building where the shop is located, to the open windows with iron grates over them. From one of them, you can see a door which is blocked by a single wooden plank. This plank can be destroyed using either a crossbow or a pistol. Once this is done, you can enter the apartment above the black market shop. Inside, and around to the front (past the body of a man in a chair), you will find a desk behind which is a bookcase. On that bookcase is a Wedding Silvergraph which provides the necessary information to find the last two digits of the three digit combination to open the door to the shop itself. This requires looking up the month specified the silvergraph (the Month of Rain) on the large wall calendar in the hallway leading into the room. The line corresponding to the month has a number circled. This is the last part of the combination. It is then simply a matter of entering those two digits and spining the first cylinder until the door opens. Once inside, it is your choice whether to subdue or kill the shopkeep.
  • Extras to be looted: In the back room you can find a Pistol, 1 Silver Ingot and a box of Pistol Bullets. In the main shop space there is a regular bonecharm on the desk, in addition to the goods normally for sale.

Palace District[]

  • Location: The Black Market shop in the Palace District is located at the end of the delivery alley.
  • Breaking in: Getting inside is not so much a matter of "breaking in", but rather, obtaining the pass code and tricking the owner into opening the back door. The key into the smuggler's boat can be found from the captain at the black market's back door. The pass code will be inside the boat. Once inside, it is your choice whether to subdue or kill the shopkeeper.
  • Extras to be looted:

Death to the Empress[]

  • Location: the former Black Pony Pub
  • Breaking in: First you must locate the Common Key which is on a shelf, behind some bottles in the alley behind the Dunwall Courier offices. Then use that key to open the metal gate into the warehouse on the dock area behind and below the shop. Once inside the warehouse, look up to find a hole in the ceiling which leads into the shop.