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Map street conservatory is

Map of Cyria Gardens

The Cyria Gardens district of Karnaca is located northeast of the Campo Seta Dockyards.

Points of interest[]

  • Wall of Light – there are two walls of light outside the Conservatory and one inside
  • Courtyard
    • At the bottom of the winding staircase are two witches apparently waiting to ambush any passer-by. There is also a handy dumpster for stashing bodies.
    • Continuing past them leads to Winnow's Bar.
    • Opposite Winnow's bar is a booby-trapped building (north of the building labelled U on the map). It has 5 tripwire traps armed with Howling and Stinging Bolts) and an Outsider shrine with 2 runes. It can be accessed via a second floor balcony facing onto the courtyard.

Winnow's Bar[]

Winnow's bar is building L3S on the map. Behind the bar are three guards: 2 women and a man.

  • Kitchen area: there is one person inside, presumably "Winnow", the owner.
  • Private rooms / Bar area: the bar area has a fair bit of loot, including a bonecharm.
  • Rooftop patio: Initially there are two women: "Beatrix" and her lover, a guard. This area also provides easy access to the quarantined building next door.

Quarantined building[]

The quarantined (bloodfly-infested) building is U6F on the map. It is most easily access from the third floor balcony which can be reached from the roof of Winnow's bar. The interior is on two levels:

East apartment block[]

This is the block of apartments facing the Conservatory at the east end of the street (against the cliffside). A third floor balcony is accessible from a makeshift raised wooden walkway along the cliff.

Dock area[]

Black Market Shop[]

  • To reach the Black Market Shop (U5J on the map), climb up to the walkway at the north end of the docks, then enter the alley way directly ahead and go down a set of stairs. However, in the immediate vicinity are three Howlers: 2 women and a man. Above the area is some convenient scaffolding from which to launch an attack. There is a Chloroform Bottle up there as well, which is useful.
  • In the little alleyway where the three howlers are, there is an open window (with a bundle of Crossbow Bolts near it) which leads into the Overseer Outpost building.
  • See the Black Market Shop page for information on breaking in.

Overseer Outpost[]

Royal Conservatory[]

This is a very large, well-guarded area with a search light and a Wall of Light out front. See the more specific page.