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Falling Damage:
A successful Drop Assassination cushions you against falling damage and makes no sound.


  • Howling Bolts:
    The Howler gang uses customized pyrotechnic crossbow bolts to stun and intimidate enemies.
  • Grenades:
    Hold a live grenade for longer to “cook” it, so it detonates closer to target.
  • Mines:
    These weapons can be attached to any surface, even flesh. Turn rats into living, moving traps.
  • Crossbow Bolts:
    Sometimes your crossbow bolts can be recovered from corpses or the environment.

Bonecharms and Runes

  • Finding Runes:
    Equip the Heart to find Runes and Bonecharms.
  • Finding Bonecharms:
    Use the Heart to locate bonecharms, which grant small benefits when equipped.
  • Bonecharms:
    Read about each bonecharm you find in the Dishonored 2 journalJournal]], and decide which bonecharms to equip and activate.
  • Bonecharms & Runes:
    Runes and Bonecharms emit a faint “singing” sound.
  • Heretical Artifacts:
    Collecting Runes and Bonecharms is considered heresy by the Overseers.


  • Slide Attack:
    Sprint toward enemies and slide into them to assassinate (Left mouse button), or knock them out (Right mouse button).
  • Drop Assassination:
    Drop Assassinate an enemy by falling toward them and attacking just before you land.
  • Falling Damage:
    A successful Drop Assassination cushions you against falling damage and makes no sound.
  • Head Shots:
    Ranged attacks inflict more damage if you hit the enemy in the head, unless they’re wearing a helmet.
  • Finishing Moves:
    Attack an off-balance or downed enemy to deliver a lethal strike.
  • Counter-attacks:
    A well-timed block puts your enemy off-balance, so you can deliver a lethal counter-attack.
  • Blocking & Parrying:
    Blocking is a critical part of combat. Timed right, you can put an enemy off-balance, making them vulnerable to counter-attacks.
  • Combat Basics:
    Keep moving in combat and don’t get surrounded.
  • Escape!:
    Combat is not the only option. Even when surrounded, you can almost always get away.
  • Avoiding Combat:
    Use stealth and mobility to your advantage. Evade your enemies!
  • Pistol Range:
    The pistol is most effective at close range, inflicting damage and putting nearby enemies off-balance.
  • Use the Environment:
    Attack an enemy near the edge of a drop-off, railing, low wall, or breakable object to knock the enemy into it.
  • Special Bottles:
    Some bottles contain flammable alcohol and will explode if thrown. Others contain ether and will render anyone hit unconscious.
  • Breaking Enemy Defenses:
    An enemy will sometimes stay on the defensive, making it smart to switch tactics.
  • Witch Archetypes:
    Coven witches develop different sets of powers. Learn to identify them by armor color, and use this knowledge in combat.
  • Bloodbriars:
    Bloodbriars are huge vines shaped from Void magic by witches, and can’t detect you if you move slowly.


  • Clockwork Soldiers:
    Bring down Clockwork Soldiers by finding and exploiting their weak spots.
  • Clockwork Soldiers:
    Clockwork Soldiers can see in front and back. Removing the head renders them unable to discern between friend or foe.
  • Overseer Masks:
    The metallic masks worn by the Overseers protect their heads against frontal ranged attacks.
  • Nest Keepers:
    Some bloodfly-infested buildings are protected by Nest Keepers, whose shriek agitates the bloodflies.
  • The Grand Guard:
    The Duke’s soldiers have checkpoints throughout Karnaca, and will attack strangers on sight.
  • Bloodfly Nests:
    Bloodflies will attack when agitated, or when anyone gets close to their nests. Move past slowly in Stealth Mode.
  • Bloodflies:
    Bloodfly swarms lay eggs within corpses, hatching more bloodflies.
  • Bloodflies:
    Since bloodflies lay eggs in corpses, a higher body count leads to more infestations across Karnaca.
  • Rewiring Clockworks:
    A Clockwork Soldier will fight for you if you use a Rewire Tool on the panel attached to its leg.
  • Clockworks & Chaos:
    Destroyed Clockwork Soldiers don’t count toward the level of Chaos.
  • Bloodflies:
    Bloodflies will prioritize laying eggs in a corpse over attacking a living person. Use this to your advantage to distract swarms.
  • Civilians and Stealth:
    Bystanders won’t call for help outdoors, unless you start a fight. If you’re intruding, they will flee and alert guards.
  • Workers:
    If workers see someone attacked in the street, they will help them fight back.
  • Military Officers:
    Officers hang back behind the squad in combat. Take out the officer, and the squad might flee.
  • Howlers Attacks:
    Howlers use dust made from plant toxins and industrial chemicals to disorient enemies.
  • Military Officers:
    Officers are highly-trained swordsmen and sharpshooters. Engage with caution.
  • Overseers and Panic:
    Overseers are zealous fanatics who never panic or retreat.
  • Threatening:
    Civilians will call for guards if they feel threatened or witness aggressive behavior.
  • Public Space:
    Unless you act aggressively, civilians won’t call for guards when they see you out in the streets, even if your weapons are drawn.
  • Trespassing:
    Inside private apartments and businesses, civilians will ask you to leave, then call for guards!
  • Observing Magic:
    The Overseers and the Howlers are on edge, and will react to magic with hostility.



  • Alternate Solutions:
    You can assassinate key targets, or find clever, nonlethal ways to eliminate them.
  • Higher Ground:
    Ascend to the rooftops to avoid enemies and locate alternate pathways.
  • Left & Right:
    Bring up the Quick-access Wheel to use elixirs and left-hand gear like ranged weapons and supernatural powers.
  • Reading Notes:
    Written notes often contain useful information or clues.
  • Breaking Barricades:
    Break through wooden planks with your sword.
  • Combat and Stealth:
    Fight and kill your enemies, or adopt a stealthier approach and avoid them.
  • Escaping Detection:
    Escape is a valid option when you are detected. Sprint away, break line of sight, and hide in a safe place to evade enemies.
  • Improvisation:
    Improvise your way out of tricky situations — distract enemies; experiment with powers; and explore for alternate paths.
  • Re-thinking Things:
    There are multiple solutions to almost all obstacles or problems. If a situation is too difficult, approach it from a different angle.
  • Play Your Way:
    There’s no “best” way to play: Focus on combat or stealth, play brutally or ghostlike — the world will react.
  • Tampering:
    Characters in the world will notice broken or missing items.
  • Weak Doors:
    Can’t find the key? Break down weak wooden doors with Wind Blast, grenades, or your pistol.
  • Protective Armor:
    Helmets, chest armor and Overseer masks protect the wearer against projectiles.


  • Upgrading:
    Keep track of your supernatural powers and enhancements from within your Journal. Spend runes to buy more powers.
  • The Journal:
    Check the Journal to review your current Objectives and Tasks, and to review the notes and clues you’ve collected.
  • Current Objectives:
    Open the [Dishonored 2 journal|Journal]] to learn more about your current objectives.
  • Chapter Summaries:
    Get a summary of your current objectives and read more about your assassination targets in the Journal.
  • Quick-slots:
    From the Quick-access Wheel, you can assign weapons and/or powers to Quick-slots for rapid access.
  • Health and Mana:
    From the Quick-access Wheel, you can consume elixirs that restore Health or Mana.


  • Climbing:
    Stand next to a reachable ledge and hold the Jump button to climb.
  • Stow Weapons:
    Hold [F]  to put away your weapons. This allows you to move slightly faster.
  • Sprinting:
    Sprint to elude enemies or build up speed for jumps.
  • Auto-crouch:
    Hide under low tables and within other small spaces by entering Stealth Mode and moving forward into the space.
  • Quicker Movement:
    You move slightly faster with your weapons sheathed.
  • Rat Tunnels:
    Possessing rats, fish, and bloodflies will sometimes reveal alternative pathways.
  • Slide:
    Sprint toward an enemy and slide in order to perform an assassination or nonlethal takedown as you approach.
  • Vaulting:
    Sprint toward an enemy behind cover and vault into them to knock them off-balance.


  • Addermire Institute:
    At Addermire, a Watchtower deters intruders approaching by boat. Most visitors come by carriage.
  • The Outsider:
    The Outsider is a figure from myth, seen only by a handful of people in each generation.
  • Clockwork Mansion:
    Grand Inventor Kirin Jindosh has a domed laboratory within his elaborate home that was once an observatory.
  • The Howlers:
    Led by Paolo, the Howlers control crime in Karnaca.
  • Carriage Station:
    Karnaca’s carriage lines connect the districts, granting passage to aristocrats and friends of Duke Luca Abele.
  • The Heart:
    Direct the Heart at a person to hear their secrets and get a sense of their morality.
  • Heart Whispers:
    The Heart will reveal secrets about people or places. Most others cannot see the Heart.
  • Lore Books:
    Books provide lore and background information about the Empire of the Isles.
  • Imperial Safe Room:
    The Dunwall Tower Safe Room contains a month’s supply of food and water. The Imperial signet rings are the only keys.
  • Grand Guard Patrols:
    The Grand Serkonan Guard patrol outside the Royal Conservatory, but are not inside.
  • The Overseers:
    Vice Overseer Byrne has established a temporary outpost in the Dust District.
  • Windbreaks:
    Windbreaks have been erected to protect those living in the Dust District from the intense dust storms.
  • The Duke:
    After old Duke Theodanis Abele died, his unprincipled son, Luca, took over as Duke of Serkonos.
  • The Abbey:
    The Overseers from the Abbey are religious militants dedicated to fighting heresy and witchcraft.
  • Bloodbriars:
    The supernatural vines summoned by Delilah’s coven will lash out at any nearby enemy, sometimes grabbing them.
  • Crone’s Hand Saloon:
    Paolo and the Howlers own a bar in the Dust District that they’ve renamed The Crone’s Hand.
  • The Timepiece:
    Unfold the Timepiece lenses to see into the alternate timeline.
  • Gang Activity:
    Some areas around the Grand Palace are under Howler control.
  • The Cult of Delilah:
    Delilah’s closest followers are women from across the Empire, who share some of her supernatural powers.
  • Witches:
    Witches from Delilah’s coven can walk among bloodflies without harm.
  • Stilton Manor:
    The Timepiece will allow you to solve odd puzzles within Stilton Manor, but can also be used to trick or bypass enemies.
  • Warped Magic:
    Deprived of your supernatural powers and enhancement, you’ll have to rely on the Outsider’s Timepiece and your wits.
  • Past & Present:
    Aramis Stilton’s Manor was more dangerous before it fell into ruin, back during the years that security was still in place.
  • Past Actions:
    Armed with the Outsider’s Timepiece, take care. What you change in the past will have ramifications in the present.
  • Time Obstacles:
    If there’s no way forward in the present, look for one in the past, and vice versa.
  • The Timepiece:
    Using the Outsider’s Timepiece, you cannot carry bodies through time.
  • Time and Space:
    If there’s an object or person blocking your intended “arrival” point, you won’t be able to switch time periods.


  • Supernatural Powers:
    Equip the Heart to hunt for Runes, then spend them to acquire or upgrade powers.
  • Upgrading Powers:
    Runes can be used to gain or upgrade supernatural powers.
  • Powers & Sneaking:
    For stealth, use Blink (Corvo) or Far Reach (Emily) to move from one cover position to another.
  • Mobility Powers:
    Blink (Corvo) and Far Reach (Emily) are useful for stealth, exploration, and evasion; not just combat.
  • Vertical Exploration:
    Agility allows you to jump higher and explore higher places. Combine Agility and Blink or Far Reach for extra distance.
  • Stopped Time:
    If you stop time, you can attach a Sticky Grenade, Mine or Springrazor to an enemy. When time resumes, the device triggers.
  • Possession:
    If you jump or fall from a great height, possess a person or animal on the way down to break your fall.
  • Dark Vision:
    This supernatural power allows you to observe enemies through walls while hidden behind cover.
  • Greater Dark Vision:
    This enhancement will enable you to see Clockwork Soldiers and security systems through walls.
  • Bend Time:
    When time is stopped, nobody can see or hear you, enabling you to sneak past enemies without alerting them.
  • Possession:
    Survive difficult combat situations by possessing an enemy and “hiding” inside them as you make your escape.
  • Mesmerize:
    This supernatural power is versatile, allowing you to assassinate mesmerized enemies, or sneak past them while they are unaware.
  • Doppelgänger:
    When badly wounded, summon your Doppelgänger and leave it behind to divert your enemies as you escape.
  • Combining Powers:
    Link your Doppelgänger to enemies with Domino, then attack your own Doppelgänger to affect them all.
  • Possession:
    Possessing people allows you to bypass security devices like the Wall of Light, if your host is authorized to pass.
  • Bend Time:
    Projectiles stopped in mid-flight can be collected.
  • Rats and Bodies:
    Rats summoned with Devouring Swarm will devour corpses and (sometimes) sleeping enemies, leaving no trace.
  • Domino:
    Use Domino to link an enemy with a hapless civilian in order to take out the enemy.
  • Dark Vision:
    Upgrade Dark Vision to spot valuables through walls. This helps when you are short on resources.
  • Shadow Walk:
    Shadow Walk makes you silent and harder to see. But enemies will still perceive a moving shadow if you get close.
  • Shadow Walk:
    While in Shadow Walk form, you will still take damage from enemies and security systems.


  • Spending Coin:
    At any of the black market shops scattered across Karnaca, you can spend money to buy or upgrade weapons and gear.
  • Gathering Resources:
    Steal belt items from unaware enemies, or loot their bodies if they are unconscious or dead.
  • Scarce Resources:
    Cut off from your allies, you must explore and scavenge to replenish ammo, collect coins, and find elixirs.

Security Systems

  • The Arc Pylon:
    This security device will release a powerful arc of electricity when any unauthorized person, or animal, comes too close.
  • The Arc Pylon:
    The Arc Pylon is a powerful, stationary security device that produces a deadly arc of electricity.
  • Jury-rigged Traps:
    Disarm trip-wire traps and loot the ammunition found inside the launcher.
  • Windmills:
    In Karnaca, security systems are wind-powered. Follow the power lines to the Windmill and shut it down using the lever.
  • Electrified Systems:
    The Wall of Light and Arc Pylon will not harm those recently attuned to them, such as on-duty Grand Guard personnel.
  • Rewiring:
    Using Rewire Tools, you can turn a Wall of Light, Arc Pylon, or even Clockwork Soldiers to your advantage.
  • Alarms:
    The Grand Guard will sound an alarm to call for reinforcements.
  • Watchtowers:
    Avoid a Watchtower’s searchlight. Once you’re spotted, the Watchtower will sound an alarm and attack you.
  • Rewiring:
    Using Rewire Tools, most security systems can be rewired, reversing their effects.


  • Saving:
    Save your game often.
  • Screen Brightness:
    Brightness can be calibrated from the Options menu.
  • Difficulty Settings:
    Change difficulty settings at any time from the Options menu.
  • Quick-save:
    Quick-save and Quick-load are available from the Pause screen.


  • Making Noise:
    If enemies hear suspicious sounds, they will come to investigate.
  • Moving Quietly:
    Sprinting and running make your footsteps louder, alerting nearby enemies. Moving slower in Stealth Mode is completely silent.
  • Stealth Mode:
    To sneak, go into Stealth Mode and stay behind cover. Low light makes you harder to see only at a distance.
  • Sneaking & Listening:
    Eavesdropping sometimes reveals useful info.
  • Hiding Bodies:
    Pick up dead or unconscious bodies to carry them to a hiding place.
  • Leaning:
    Leaning out from behind cover enables you to watch enemies and eavesdrop undetected.
  • Nonlethal Takedown:
    To avoid killing, choke an enemy unconscious, or knock them out by dropping from above.
  • Nonlethal Attacks:
    Use sleep darts to knock your enemies out before they enter combat or sound the alarm.
  • Stealing Belt Items:
    Pickpocket enemies, or loot their bodies, for coins, ammo, keys, and sometimes notes.
  • Throwing Bottles:
    Throw empty bottles to distract enemies momentarily. Hit an unaware enemy in the head to knock them unconscious.