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Upgrades are purchased from and installed at Black Market Shops. Access to them is unlocked by finding or purchasing blueprints.

Name Prerequisite Description
Ancient Howl Triggered Housing Howling Bolts disable magic users
Armored Bullet Slug Splintering Wedges Ricocheting shots
Bolt Capacity +5 None Adds +5 to your Bolt capacity
Bolt Capacity +10 Bolt Capacity +5 Adds a further +5 to your Bolt capacity
Bonecharm Slots +2 None Unlocks 2 additional bonecharm slots, bringing the total to 7 slots
Bonecharm Slots +3 Bonecharm Slots +3 Unlocks 3 additional bonecharm slots, bringing the total to 10 slots
Bullet Storage +5 None Adds +5 to your Bullet capacity
Bullet Storage +10 Bullet Storage +5 Adds a further +5 to your Bullet capacity
Chain Lightning Conductive Filaments Enemies near the primary target are also electrified.
Coffin Nails Configurable Grooving Fires Bolts very quickly
Collector's Carapace Dual-layered Galvani Weave Reduces damage taken
Combustion Bolt Must have unlocked Incendiary Bolts Incendiary Bolts gain a larger area of effect
Crossbow Accuracy None Improves accuracy
The Dealer Configurable Grooving Aim-lock up to three targets and fire simultaneously
Deep Howl Triggered Housing Howling Bolts frighten Wolfhounds
Discreet Inquiry Counter-blast Inversion Grenade noise is reduced.
Double Release Secondary Coiling Each Springrazor works twice
The Expansive Lady Counter-blast Inversion Grenade blast radius is expanded
Explosive Bullet Small-scale Combustion Refinement Bullet that explodes upon impact, inflicting area of effect damage
Explosive Cluster Bullet Explosive Bullet Enables Black Market shops to sell bullets that explode, fragmenting on contact
Extended Bolt Range None You can hit targets from much farther away, and the Bolts fly faster
Hardened Bolt Fire Hardening Treatment from Edge of the World Bolts inflict greater damage
Howling Bolts Pyro-sonic Casing from Clockwork Mansion Streets You can purchase Howling Bolts
Impact Grenades Triggered Housing Impact grenades explode on contact with living targets.
Incendiary Bolt Dispersed Incendiary Release from "Edge of the World" You can purchase Incendiary Bolts
Instant Sleep Dart Combat Sleep Dart Formula These are upgrades to regular Sleep Darts
The Insistent Gentleman Fire Chamber Pivot The pistol chain feeds ammo and never needs reloading. Semi-automatic firing
Long Distance Lover Configurable Grooving Your Crossbow becomes a very good sniping weapon
Magazine +1 None Adds 1 bullet to the magazine, bringing the total number of bullets in the magazine to 2 at a time
Magazine +2 Magazine +1 Adds another bullet to the magazine, bringing the total to 3
Magazine +3 Magazine +2 Adds another bullet to the magazine, bringing the total to 4
Magnetized Bullet Alloy Polarization A magnetized bullet that briefly disrupts Clockwork Soldiers
Monkey Wrench Blade Conversion Deal more sword damage against Clockwork Soldiers
Moth Dust Wrappings Dual-layered Galvani Weave You are less visible in well-lit areas
Occult Kiss Blade Conversion Deal more sword damage against magic-using enemies
Piercing Insult Configurable Grooving Bolts are higher damage and pierce targets
Pistol Accuracy 1 None Tightens dispersion and stabilizes pistol aim
Pistol Accuracy 2 Pistol Accuracy 1 Further tightens dispersion and stabilizes pistol aim
Pistol Reload Speed 1 None Faster reload
Pistol Reload Speed 2 Pistol Reload Speed 1 Even faster reload
The Red Siblings Fire Chamber Pivot Bullets are fired in rapid bursts. Magazine size is set to 3. Improved accuracy. Reduce area of effect spread damage range
Refined Lens Optics None Enhanced optics with a second, greater level of magnification
Reload Speed None Decreases reload time
Silent Running Folded Galvani Resin Make less noise when running
Silent Sprinting Silent Running Make less noise when sprinting
Springrazor Reach None Increased radius for Springrazors.
Springrazor Storage +2 None You can now keep 5 springrazors in inventory at a time
Sticky Grenade Spiked Grenade Housing You can purchase Sticky Grenades
Stinging Bolt Mercury Vapor Distillation from the Good Doctor You can purchase Stinging Bolts
Stun Mine Charge +1 Conductive Filaments Each Stun Mine functions an additional time. This is especially useful against Clockwork Soldiers who require an extra charge to destroy
Stun Mine Charge +2 Stun Mine Charge +1 Each Stun Mine functions an additional time, bringing the total to three charges
Sword Crossing None Gives you an advantage in locked-sword contests