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Disambig This article is about the mission in Dishonored. For the High Overseer himself, see Thaddeus Campbell.
High Overseer Campbell
Missions HighOverseer
 Game Dishonored
 Quest Giver Admiral Havelock
 Location(s) The Hound Pits Pub
Distillery District
 Reward (lethal)
 Reward (non-lethal)

 A New Day
 Eliminate High Overseer Campbell
 Locate Emily
 (Optional) Granny Rags
 (Optional) Gentlemen Callers
 (Optional) The Heretic's Brand
 (Optional) Spare Captain Curnow

Special Actions

 Help Granny infect the Bottle Street Gang
 Rescue Griff the Scavenger
 Save Captain Curnow
 Save Elsa from zealous overseers
 Poison High Overseer Campbell
 Brand Campbell as a Heretic

 Runes Runes 7
 Bonecharms Bonecharms 5
 Outsider Shrines Outsider Shrines 1
 Blueprints Blueprints 0
 Paintings Paintings 1
 Coins Coins 3794
Pointer left
Dishonored House of Pleasure

High Overseer Campbell is the second mission in the game. In this mission, Corvo must get into the Office of the High Overseer off Holger Square and


High Overseer Campbell leads the city's militant religious faction and is a close ally to the Lord Regent. Campbell is completely corrupt and holds the secret to Emily's location. Infiltrate the Office of the High Overseer a, steal Campbell's journal and eliminate him. An ally to the Loyalists, Martin, is being held there. Free him and allow him to escape.

A New Day[]

Eliminate High Overseer Campbell[]

  • Travel with Samuel the Boatman to your first mission
  • Get past the first Wall of Light
  • Get past the second Wall of Light
  • Travel through the gate to Holger Square
  • Find Campbell and Curnow in the High Overseer's Meeting Chamber
  • Speak with Overseer Martin in Holger Square
  • Use the release lever to unlock Overseer Martin

Locate Emily[]

  • Take the blackmail journal from High Overseer Campbell

(Optional) Granny Rags[]

  • Talk to Granny rags in her apartment

(Optional) Gentlemen Callers[]

  • Deal with Granny's genetlemen callers
  • Revisit Granny Rags
  • Collect your gift from Granny Rags

(Optional) The Heretic's Brand[]

  • Search the Archive for information on the Heretic's Brand, a tool for casting out Overseers

(Optional) Spare Captain Curnow[]

  • Ensure Captain Curnow survives his visit to the Office of the High Overseer

Special Actions[]

Help Granny infect the Bottle Street Gang[]

To help Granny Rags poison Slackjaw's gang, Corvo must locate some plague rat entrails inside the Offices of Dr. Galvani and use them in the counterfeit elixir dispenser.

Rescue Griff the Scavenger[]

Griff is trapped behind a boarded up doorway on Bloodox Way in the Distillery District. His exit is blocked by two thugs.

Save Captain Curnow[]

To save Captain Curnow, Corvo can either poison the High Overseer by switching the glasses on the table in the Meeting Chamber, or he can thwart Campbell when he attempts to kill Geoff Curnow in the basement. If he succeeds, Callista rewards him with 100 Coin.

Save Elsa from zealous overseers[]

Upon entering the Back Yard to rendezvous with Samuel Beechworth, two Overseers will be confronting Berthold, another Overseer, about alleged witchcraft by his sister, Elsa. Corvo can dispatch the two Overseers to save Berthold and Elsa.

Poison High Overseer Campbell

This is the lethal option of eliminating Thaddeus Campbell. If Corvo poisons the High Overseer by switching the glasses on the table in the Meeting Room, then he cannot brand him as a heretic.

Brand Campbell as a Heretic

This is the non-lethal option of eliminating Thaddeus Campbell. To brand the High Overseer as a heretic, Corvo cannot poison him. He must find the Heretic's Brand, spill the drinks in the Meeting Room and then follow Campbell and Curnow down to the Overseer's hidden chamber in the basement. Once there, Corvo must wait until Campbell draws his sword, then knock the man out before he kills Geoff Curnow. This way, Curnow knows that Corvo is on his side and does not attack him.

Once the Overseer is knocked out, Corvo must bring him back to the Interrogation Room and then brand him.


  • 1 bonecharm on the far side of the gate (where Darren and Gwen's bodies are) at the end of the pier (where City Watch guards are throwing bodies onto the barges below)
  • 1 bonecharm upstairs (via the hole in the ceiling) of the fishmonger's where Griff was trapped, off Bloodox Way
  • 1 bonecharm in the rafters of the Reserve Room of the Distillery
  • 2 bonecharms in the Back Yard: one in Silo A and another in the supply depot




SololovPainting HighOverseerCampbell

The Isometry of High Overseer Thaddeus Campbell

There is one Sokolov painting in the High Overseer's Office, specifically in his secret chamber in the basement.