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Lady Boyle's Last Party
Missions LadyBoylesLastParty.png
 Game Dishonored
 Quest Giver Admiral Havelock
 Location(s) Boyle Estate
 Reward (lethal)
 Reward (non-lethal)

 (Optional) Deliver a note to Lord Shaw: He's in a wolf mask at the Boyle party
 (Optional) Get Miss White a drink

Special Actions

 Discover Lady Boyle's Identity
 Defeat Lord Shaw in a Duel
 Sign Lady Boyle's Guest Ledger
 Deliver Lady Boyle to Her Admirer, Lord Brisby

 Runes Runes 3
 Bonecharms Bonecharms 2
 Outsider Shrines Outsider Shrines 1
 Blueprints Blueprints 0
 Paintings Paintings 2
 Coins Coins 4915
Pointer left.png
The Royal Physician Return to the Tower

Lady Boyle's Last Party is the fifth mission in the game. During this mission, Corvo must locate the Lord Regent's mistress, "Lady Boyle", one of three women answering to that name and eliminate her, either lethally or non-lethally.

Pointer.png Party guests

  • Lord Montgomery Shaw
  • Miss Adelle White
  • Mr. Byron Alderdice
  • Mrs. Jane Blair
  • Mr. Jerval Crawford
  • Miss Ella Triss
  • Stephen Harding
  • Dr. Jack Ramsey
  • Lord Talmedge Estermont
  • Mr. Nels Jefferies
  • Lord Timothy Brisby
  • Lord Bernard Prismall
  • Mr. Adam Pyle
  • Corvo Attano (depending on player choices)

Pointer.png Special Actions

Discover Lady Boyle's Identity

This is done by speaking with guests at the party, in particular Miss White, and also reading all the Boyle women's diaries.

Defeat Lord Shaw in a Duel

This is only initiated if you give the Note from Lord Pendleton to Lord Shaw.

Sign Lady Boyle's Guest Ledger

If Corvo signs Lady Boyle's Guest Ledger, it is later revealed that this information is reported to the Lord Regent.

Deliver Lady Boyle to Her Admirer, Lord Brisby

This is the non-lethal option of elimiating the Lord Regent's mistress. If Corvo speaks to Lord Brisby during the party, the latter tells him that he can spirit Lady Boyle away, never to be seen again. All Corvo has to do is bring her to Lord Brisby in the basement where he takes her away by boat.




There are two Sokolov paintings inside the Boyle Estate. Both are located on the second floor, in the prohibited area.


  • 1 rune on the Outsider shrine in the second floor apartment on the south side of the canal
  • 1 rune at the west end of the canal, under water
  • 1 rune in the Basement Vault, inside the chest