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Dishonored2 overseer outpost cyria gardens

The Outpost

The Overseer Outpost in Cyria Gardens is located next door to the Black Market Shop (building F on the map). It can be entered via an open window in the alleyway by the shop after the Howlers have been dealt with. There are some crossbow bolts on a nearby table. This places you on the ground floor in the stairwell.

The main base of operations inside is located on the second floor in apartment 23, though the door is latched from the inside. To access the room, it is easiest to proceed to the third floor, through apartment 31 then out to the balcony area where there are three guards (2 men and one woman). After dispatching them, you can proceed to the skylight and drop down into apartment 23 from above. Inside is one sleeping Overseer.


The balcony area has three guards. Two are leaning over the railing looking around and not taking much notice of anything actually happening on the balconies themselves. A third guard is actually patrolling. There is also a windmill which powers the nearby Wall of Light. After dealing with the guards, you can pick up a book on Windmill Operation and 2 rolls of Copper Wire. There is also easy access to a skylight leading into Apartment 23.

Apartment 23[]

This is the main base of operations for Vice Overseer Liam Byrne though he is not there at that time, just one of his lieutenants, likely Overseer Ogburn, asleep in a chair. In the same room is a Silver Precious Urn. In the next room is the door to the hallway and stairs, but there is a tripwire trap directly in front of the door. Other items of note in the room include: an audiograph, a book on the Oracular Order, a map of the Conservatory, some Copper Wire and a note.

There is a small kitchen area with not much of note inside. A bathroom with some Bathing Salts and a bedroom which contains a Pistol, 2 Grenades, a flask of Addermire Solution, 2 boxes of bullets and some coins.

Apartment 31[]

There is not much of note inside apartment 31 other than a few coins and a newspaper. There is a door leading out to the balcony area.