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Special Actions are optional tasks you can accomplish during missions. They are not necessary to complete but for completionists, they are a must.

A Long Day in Dunwall[]

Freedom of the Press[]

Protected the printer of the Dunwall Courier newspaper from Duke Abele’s agents.

Jessamine’s Words[]

Re-played an old audiograph message from Empress Jessamine Kaldwin.

Time Capsule[]

Found a room boarded up since the time of the Rat Plague.

Coin of the Realm[]

Took what gold you could carry from the Dunwall Tower Safe Room emergency reserves.

Dr. Galvani’s Safe[]

Robbed the safe of Doctor Galvani, a Natural Philosopher from the time of the Rat Plague.

The Ramsey Fortune[]

Locked Mortimer Ramsey in the Safe Room with a fortune in gold, and a month’s worth of food and water.

Edge of the World[]

Black Market Heist[]

Obtained the black market shop key from the bloodfly-infested apartment.

A Fresh Grave[]

Snatched a body for Mindy Blanchard.

Hypatia’s Apartment[]

Explored Doctor Alexandria Hypatia’s apartment in the city.

Try to Unlock Me[]

Won the safe shop contest.

The Nest Keeper[]

Put down the Nest Keeper in the bloodfly-infested apartment.

Push Comes to Shove[]

Saved the merchant from incineration at the Wall of Light.

The Good Doctor[]

Sunken Wreck[]

Swam out to the partially submerged boat.

Three Witnesses[]

Saved Hamilton, read Valiente’s letter, and talked to Vasco, all of whom had some awareness of the Crown Killer.

The Counter-Serum[]

Crafted an antidote that freed Dr. Alexandria Hypatia from Grim Alex.

Abandoned Basement[]

Found the basement containing Vera Moray’s diary.

Break the Glass[]

Killed a Grand Guard soldier by exploiting the bloodflies contained within a vivarium.

Release the Hounds![]

Let the starving hounds out against the Grand Serkonan Guard.

The Clockwork Mansion[]

Ghost Between the Cogs[]

Reached Kirin Jindosh without alerting anyone in the mansion, including Jindosh himself.

Hidden Repository[]

Discovered Kirin Jindosh’s hidden repository by manipulating the walls of the Clockwork Mansion.

Flawless Extraction[]

Retrieved Anton Sokolov without alerting or destroying the Clockwork Soldier in the Assessment Chamber.

A Man of the People[]

Killed the leader of the Howlers, once.

Black Market Heist[]

Blasted your way through the walls of the black market shop.

Looted Aventa Station[]

Robbed the ticket booth at the Aventa Carriage Station.

The Royal Conservatory[]

Shrewd Negotiations[]

Got the best price for the Roseburrow Prototype.

Parley with Delilah[]

Talked with Delilah Kaldwin after eliminating Breanna Ashworth, her right hand within the Coven.

Witch No More[]

Forever severed Breanna Ashworth’s link to Delilah’s magic.

Black Market Heist[]

Entered the black market shop through the canal.

Spying Overseers[]

Found the outpost that Vice Overseer Byrne was using to spy on Breanna Ashworth.

Dust District[]

The Jindosh Lock[]

Solved the Jindosh Lock without obtaining the answer from anyone else.

Childhood Home[]

Found and explored the dwelling where Corvo Attano grew up.

Power of the Streets[]

Sided with Paolo and the Howlers in the struggle for the Dust District.

Theocratic Support[]

Sided with the Vice Overseer and the Abbey in the struggle for the Dust District.

Another Solution[]

Eliminated both faction leaders in the struggle for the Dust District.


Eliminated neither faction leader in the struggle for the Dust District.

Black Market Heist[]

Deduced the door code, using the shopkeeper’s wedding date.

Book of the Fallen[]

Added Vice Overseer Byrne’s name to the Book of the Fallen.

A Crack in the Slab[]

Under the Table[]

Lifted Aramis Stilton’s Master Key while hiding under the dining table.

Temporal Investigator[]

Reached the Study without the door code.

A Mind Made Whole[]

Saved Aramis Stilton from seeing beyond the world.

Leaky Basement[]

Found the Rune in the flooded basement.

Collapsed Balcony[]

Manipulated time to collapse the balcony.

A Better Today[]

Visited Aramis Stilton’s office in the altered present.

The Grand Palace[]

Through the Pantry[]

Entered Duke Luca Abele’s Vault through the secret pantry passage.

Sunken Storage[]

Swam into the submerged storage room beneath the Palace grounds.

Friends in High Places[]

Replaced Duke Luca Abele with his body double.

Haunted by the Past[]

Removed the broken gazelle from Duke Luca Abele’s Vault.

Black Market Heist[]

Tricked the black market shopkeeper into opening the back door.

Addressing Karnaca[]

Spoke to the people of Karnaca from Duke Luca Abele’s chambers.

Death to the Empress[]

Captain’s Quarters[]

Searched Meagan Foster’s cabin aboard the Dreadful Wale.

World As It Should Be[]

Trapped Delilah forever within her own painting, ruling over an imagined world.

Avenging Jessamine[]

Took revenge on Billie Lurk for her part in Jessamine Kaldwin’s assassination.

Heart of the Tower[]

Reached the Royal Protector’s chambers within Dunwall Tower.

Saving Your Father / Saving Your Daughter[]

Rescued Corvo Attano / Emily Kaldwin, breaking Delilah’s magic.

Black Market Heist[]

Slipped into the black market shop from below, coming up through the Boyle Industries warehouse.

Your Daughter is Safe / Your Father is Safe[]

Took the imperial throne for yourself, leaving your daughter standing forever. / Took back your throne, and left Corvo Attano standing forever as a statue.

In the Coven’s Wake[]

Addressed the survivors near Dunwall Tower over the street speaker system.