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The Flooded District
Missions FloodedDistrict
 Game Dishonored
 Quest Giver
 Location(s) Rudshore Financial District
Old Port District Sewers
 Reward (lethal)
 Reward (non-lethal)
Special Actions

 Recover Your Weapons and Gear
 Help Slackjaw Defeat Granny

 Runes Runes 5
 Bonecharms Bonecharms 8
 Outsider Shrines Outsider Shrines 1
 Blueprints Blueprints 0
 Paintings Paintings 3
 Coins Coins 5635
Pointer left
Return to the Tower The Loyalists

The Flooded District is the seventh mission in the game. In this mission, Corvo wakes up as he is captured by the Whaler assassins while adrift in a boat in the Flooded District of Dunwall.


(Optional) Creating a Safe Haven[]

In order to create this safe haven, Corvo must deactivate the Arc Pylon behind the tenement where Blake and the other plague survivors are hiding

  • Keep Blake safe
  • Stand watch as the survivors move to the safe haven

Special Actions[]

Recover Your Weapons and Gear[]

Help Slackjaw Defeat Granny[]

The final confrontation between Granny Rags and Slackjaw can only be reached if the player has completed at least one side mission for both Granny Rags (found in the High Overseer Campbell mission) and Slackjaw. (found in the House of Pleasure mission) When you first enter the sewers, the marker will point you straight towards a door which you need a key to open. To get this key, you'll need to follow the path to the left you can see when first entering the sewers. The path to Granny Rags' lair has a multitude of River Krusts and involves swimming underwater. When you reach her lair, you'll see many whale rib bone laying around, a bath tub filled with boiling green liquid, and Granny Rags with Slackjaw locked up. If you killed Slackjaw during the House of Pleasure mission you won't be able to save Slackjaw, and his body will appear instead. You can also kill Slackjaw, but doing so won't let you save him.

You can defeat Granny Rags in either a lethal or non-lethal way. Before you can kill or incapacitate her, you must find and destroy her cameo. If you try to hurt her before her cameo is destroyed, she'll turn into a hoard of rats, and reforms elsewhere. Her cameo can be found in her shack, which is up the stairs from Granny Rags and Slackjaw. When you're up there, you'll find her cameo hidden beneath the pillows of her bed. To destroy the cameo now, you'll need to open the nearby furnace, place the cameo inside, then turn on the furnace. Granny Rags can now be killed or incapacitated. She can still use her Outsider's mark however. She'll teleport up to the furnace now and is easily dealt with. After Granny Rags is dead, she'll turn into a swarm of rats, which will attack you before dispersing. To save Slackjaw, you'll need to pull the lever next to him and release him, after which he'll thank you and give you 600 coins.



There are two Sokolov paintings in the Flooded District and another in the Old Port District Sewers.


  • 1 rune on the roof of a building overlooking the rail line leading to the Rudshore Gate
  • 1 rune on the Outsider shrine in the back room of Granny Rag's shack