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The Good Doctor
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 Game Dishonored 2
 Quest Giver
 Location(s) Addermire Institute
 Reward (lethal)
 Reward (non-lethal)

 Investigate Sokolov's Location
 Eliminate the Crown Killer
 Return to the Dreadful Wale

Special Actions

 Sunken Wreck
 Abandoned Basement
 Release the Hounds!
 Three Witnesses
 The Counter-Serum

 Runes Runes 6
 Bonecharms Bonecharms 5
 Outsider Shrines Outsider Shrines 1
 Blueprints Blueprints 2
 Paintings Paintings 3
 Coins Coins 2206
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Edge of the World Dreadful Wale

Eliminate the Crown Killer, who's been murdering your enemies to make you look guilty. Find your old ally, Anton Sokolov, last seen being carried toward Addermire. Alexandria Hypatia, who runs the place, should know more.


Investigate Sokolov's Location[]

Find evidence of Anton Sokolov's current location. He was last seen being dragged toward Addermire Institute by the Crown Killer. Dr. Hypatia is the Chief Alchemist there. Find her and ask her about Anton Sokolov and the Crown Killer.

  • (Optional) Get a Map of Addermire
  • Go to Dr. Hypatia's Office
  • Get Dr. Hypatia's Key
  • Find the Recuperation Area
  • Locate Alexandra Hypatia
  • Talk to Alexandria Hypatia
  • Determine Sokolov's Location

Eliminate the Crown Killer[]

The Crown killer is part of a plan to frame you. Eliminate the Crown Killer and foil the plan.

  • Investigate the Crown Killer
  • Search Dr. Hypatia's Office
  • Talk to Hamilton
  • Lethal
    Kill the Crown Killer
  • Non-lethal
    Find Vasco's Journal
    • Take the Syringe
    • Obtain Infected Blood
    • Create the Counter-Serum
    • Use the Syringe on Dr. Hypatia

Return to the Dreadful Wale[]

Return to the Dreadful Wale when you are ready.

  • Shut Down the Watchtower
  • Talk to Meagan Foster

Special Actions[]

Sunken Wreck[]

Swim out to the submerged boat

Abandoned Basement[]

Found the basement containing Vera Moray’s diary.

Release the Hounds![]

Let the starving hounds out against the Grand Serkonan Guard.

Three Witnesses[]

Save Hamilton, read Valiente’s letter, and talk to Vasco

The Counter-Serum[]

Crafted an antidote that freed Dr. Alexandria Hypatia from Grim Alex.

Mission Clues[]

Alexandria Hypatia's Office[]

According to the floor plan, Alexandria Hypatia's offices are on the 4th floor.

Dr. Hypatia and Hamilton[]

Alexandria Hypatia is not working in her office today, but can be found in Recuperation. Hamilton is being interrogated in Disease Treatment.

Unlock the Recuperation Door[]

Use Dr. Hypatia's Key to unlock the door to the Recuperation Area

Possible Suspects[]

Dr. Hypatia listed a few people who have been behaving strangely. Could one of them be the Crown Killer?

Combination to Vasco's Safe[]

There's a safe in Vasco's office. The code is randomly generated.

Mission Items[]



  • 1 regular bonecharm under the carriage platform when first arriving
  • 1 black bonecharm, on the roof of the Addermire Institute, in a bird nest, along with a few coins
  • 1 corrupted bonecharm in the office next to the lab in the Recuperation area
  • 1 regular bonecharm on the bed in the small room behind the blocked door in the Recuperation area (accessible via one of the tanning capsules}
  • 1 regular bonecharm in the office next to Dr. Hypatia's work area in the Recuperation auditorium



  • 1 rune in the Recuperation area in the Bloodfly nests nearest the elevator shaft
  • 1 rune in the Lost and Found
  • 1 rune mounted on a plaque above one of the tables by a column in the guard area adjacent to the Dining Hall
  • 1 rune in the small room above Hamilton's Quarters (reachable by exiting hamilton's quarters and using Far Reach / Blink to get to the open shutter above the door)