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Map interior conservatory is

Map of the Royal Conservatory

Dishonored2 conservatory exterior

the Royal Conservatory entrance at night

The Royal Conservatory is a major location in Dishonored 2. It is located on the north side of the Cyria Gardens district of Karnaca

Points of interest[]

Front exterior[]

The front of the Conservatory has a Wall of Light in front of the main courtyard entrance and a sunken paved area beneath the stairs with 2 water fountains to the east and west and a Whale Oil Tank receptable which powers the wall of light above.

The east fountain has an open pipe leading in toward the Conservatory proper. This leads to a small area where a bloodfly-infested body is trapped behind a grate covering another pipe, and a small landing with some Copper Wire, High-proof liquor and a few bits of food.

Up the stairs is a landing with a passage to a locked gate leading back out to the street area on one side and a metal door leading to the basement proper and Exhibit Maintenance area of the Conservatory on the other. This door is guarded by one gravehound. (Labelled 7 - "Delivery Entrance" on the map)

Inside the first courtyard, which is guarded by a gravehound, there are two open windows on the right which lead into the basement as well.

The second courtyard (with the large tortoise statue) is patrolled by four witches. This is also where the entrance to the main lobby is located.


  • Archive (7 on the map legend): The area immediately outside the Archive (where the large tortoise statue is located) is guarded by two witches and contains several bloodfly nests, likely a result of the dead wolfhound on the table. There are also two bottles of rum near the witches. Note: Use caution clearing the nests if you are attempting a non-lethal run as you could accidentally burn the unconscious witches.
  • Exhibit Maintenance
  • Quartermaster Office: This office is located in the southwest corner of the basement. The door to this office is blocked but breakable. Inside, there is a map of the Conservatory, the Archive Key, a regular bonecharm inside a small glass case, a Rewire Tool and a note about vermin.
  • Staircase up to the first floor (6 on the map legend)

First floor[]

  • Elevator leading to all four floors of the Conservatory
  • Lobby: As you enter via the main doors, the area on the left has a small office (2 on the map) with cash registers, to the right are the stairs and straight ahead is the main reading room of the conservatory. There are very large stuffed owls handing from the ceiling
  • Reading room:
    • Wall of Light room:

Second floor[]

On the second floor, as you exit the elevator, just off the central gallery to your left you can see a glassed-in, secured area containing an obviously valuable item. On the far side of it is access to a long corridor with the Security Room at one end and exhibits in the other direction.

  • Security Room: this room contains a lot of Pistol Bullets, a corpse with a key, a health potion and chloroform, a dartboard with 3 regular crossbow bolts, a Security panel and a doorway into the secure exhibit area.
  • South-facing area: this area consists of a hallway which leads to a seating area at the west end and access to the south staircase. Along the hall, before the seating area, there are two doors along the south side which provide access to a large room separated into three sections. The hallway is patrolled by 2 witches. One is walking up and down the hallway, pausing on occasion and the second is on top of one of the glass cases.
  • Oraculum is on the north side of the gallery (across from the Roseburrow Prototype).

Third floor[]

When exiting the elevator, to the left is a seating area with couches which borders the map room. The entire area around the central gallery has a wide ledge which is easy to access and move around on, taking care not to let the 2 witches seated in the chandelier see you. At the end of the ledge area is a small hatch leading to the top of the elevator shaft and a little hideaway. Inside is a black bonecharm, a coin pouch, Bathing Salts and a flask of Addermire Solution. There is also a book.

  • Map room: this area is the first room past the seating area on the south side of the gallery. Inside are two valuable maps: Pindo's Passage and Shirra Pirate Caves. The far side continues into an exhibit area where there are two pieces of Tyvian Ore that are part of a display and at the far west end, the area opens up into a seating area with a fireplace and a defaced portrait of Empress Jessamine.
  • Curator Ashworth's Office is at the west end of the gallery area.
  • Parallel to, and south of, the map room and gallery is a long hallway with a harp at east end, and at the west end, a bloodfly-infested area with two former classrooms and a third valuable map: Magoli Forest Plateau.
    • Bloodfly-infested area and classrooms: The west-most classroom has a blackboard covered in glowing blue markings. On it are three bunches of Pied Avocet Feathers and a regular bonecharm. There is also a body seated at a desk which contains a Dried Bloodfly Husk.

Fourth floor and roof area[]